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  1. The Engine Room
    I'm starting what I hope is a straightforward request for information about the hatch cover arrangement on older steamers. (Continuing my research on SS Camlough's last voyage in January of 1932) I'd appreciate any comments from folks who have practical experience of ships with boards fitted to...
  2. The Engine Room
    Steamship Engine Room and Boiler Room Expertise Needed– SS Camlough’s Last Trip (January 1932) I’m continuing to tease out answers to some unanswered questions from all the available contemporary evidence. Apologies for the length of this post – but I would be grateful if people who have...
  3. The Engine Room
    I'm still puzzling out the SS Camlough's last disastrous trip in January of 1932 from the various conflicting newspaper reports. I've got two follow-up questions from my earlier post. An answer to that post established from a newspaper report published December of 1920 (on the day before...
  4. The Engine Room
    I'm still pursuing my investigations into the wreck of the SS Camlough in January of 1932 on the Scottish coast near Monreith during a terrible winter gale which developed quite suddenly. I've been trying to plot her travels on that disastrous last voyage. Camlough left Belfast around 7 am...
  5. The Engine Room
    I'm wondering about what the arrangements for Kelly's steamships when they needed engine repairs would have been. I've been researching the last voyage of the SS Camlough in 1932, when the ship suffered engine problems, which were repaired leaving the engine running on reduced power (and filling...
  6. RMS Hildebrand (3)

    British pass/cargo liner HILDEBRAND (3), imo 1185422/ 133m/ 7.735gt/ 15kn; 12/12/1951 completed by Cammel Laird & Co., Ltd., Birkenhead, for Booth Steamship Co., Ltd., Liverpool; 28/12/1951 sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, Leixões, Lisbon, Pará, Manaus; 1953 represented Booth Line at...
  7. HMCS Charlottetown 339

    Arriving in Gibraltar on the 10th march Daniel
  8. British Gull

    BP Tanker Co Ltd. Built 1960.
1-8 of 8 Results