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  2. Canadian Pacific's Great Lakes fleet

    Canadian Pacific's Great Lakes fleet

    The Canadian Pacific Great Lakes fleet at Port McNicoll on May 4, 1912 – s.s. Keewatin, s.s. Manitoba and in the background s.s. Assiniboia flanked by s.s. Alberta and s.s. Athabasca.
  3. CPR playing cards

    CPR playing cards

    Canadian Pacific Railway souvenir playing cards, date unknown. These were the only ones in the pack with a nautical theme. I think the 'C. P. R. Liner' is the Empress of Ireland, and one might speculate that the reason she isn't named is that she was afloat when the cards went into production (by Ch
  4. Miniture Ships

    Miniture Ships

  5. Miniture Ships

    Miniture Ships

    Empress of France
  6. Miniture Ships

    Miniture Ships

    Empress of Scotland
  7. Miniture Ships

    Miniture Ships

    Empress of Britain
  8. Canadian Pacific

    Canadian Pacific

    Schedule of sailings for 1959/60 including cruises
  9. Empress of Scotland

    Empress of Scotland

    Ships I sailed on: was standing by on the Empress of Scotland and the only sailing I did was from Gladstone Dock to the Pier Head. She was a classic liner, a real nice looking ship. She became the Hanseatic. She was scrapped after a fire gutted her and part of her double bottom became a crane ba


    The Empress of Britain, the last of the liners that looked like a liner, unlike the hideous monstrosities they build today.
  11. CP liner= Montclare or Montrose

    CP liner= Montclare or Montrose

    One of the Canadian Pacific MONT- liners I think but is there any way of identifyng which one?
  12. Canadian Pacific

    Canadian Pacific

  13. Canadian Pacific

    Canadian Pacific



    DUCHESS OF YORK in The Narrows channel abeam Fort St. Catherine, outbound on passage from Bermuda to New York c. 1931 Oil on Panel, 18 x 24 inches. From January to May 1931 the DUCHESS OF YORK was placed on the New York[Bermuda run by Canadian Pacific in direct competition with Furness Line's m.s
  15. Monteagle


    Canadian Pacific's 'Monteagle' in better days. On back of postcard it says: 'Came home on her, Shanghai-England, 1919. Monteagle built: 1899, Palmers, Jarrow. Tonnage: 6,955grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1923: Sold, r/n 'Belton' 1926: Broken up, Blyth.
  16. Princess Marguerite (II)

    Princess Marguerite (II)

    Stamped and dated 1960. Princess Marguerite Built: 1949 Fairfields, Govan Tonnage: 5,911grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1974: Withdrawn from service 1975: To B.C. Govt 1986: To B.C. Steamship Co 1995: Scrapped
  17. Princess Louise (II)

    Princess Louise (II)

    Princess Louise Built: 1921 Wallace SB and DD Co, Vancouver Tonnage: 4,032grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1964: Sold to shoreline Holdings, Vancouver, engine and boiler removed 1966: Sold to Princess Louise Corp--towed to Los Angeles for conversion into restaurant
  18. Missanabie


    Missanabie Built: 1914 Barclay, Curle and Co, Scotstoun Tonnage: 12,469grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1918: Sept.9: Torpedoed and sunk by U87.
  19. Metagama


    Metagama Built: 1915 Barclay, Curle and Co, Scotstoun Tonnage: 12,420grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1923: May 26: In collision with Baron Vernon in the Clyde 1924: June 19: In collision with Clara Camus off Cape Race 1931-33: Laid up at Southend 1934: Broken up at Bo'ness, Firth of Forth.
  20. Empress of Canada (I)

    Empress of Canada (I)

    Japanese postcard of Empress of Canada at Kobe. Empress of Canada Built: 1922 Fairfield SB Co, Govan Tonnage: 21,516grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1943: March 14: Torpedoed and sunk by Italian Sub. Leonardo da Vinci.