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  1. Cape Clear

    An improved version of a photograph posted earlier. Looks like smokoe on the Cape sable as the Cape Clear berths astern in Fremantle
  2. Cape Clear

    The "Cape Clear" discharging phosphates at Lyttelton.
  3. "Cape Clear" at Lyttelton in 1962

    Lyle's "Cape Clear" at Lyttelton in 1962. "City of Khartoum" at left and "Rangitiki" at right. "Cape Clear"was built by Burntisland in 1946 as "Derryclare", became "Cape Clear" in 1952, "Golden Sigma" in 1962, "Laurel"
  4. Cape Clear at Lyttelton

    The "Cape Clear" at Lyttelton. On the other side of the wharf is the "Waiana", the two coasters are the "Parera" and "Pukeko" and the "Port Lyttelton" is in the foreground. All three of the port's dredges can be seen, "Canterbury" and &qu
1-4 of 4 Results