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  1. Cape Delfaro

    Cape Delfaro Carrington, Newcastle, New South Wales 28 November 2010 Bow tug is Svitzer Meringa but stern tug is not known for certain. Looks like might be Svitzer Maitland assuming that there is such a tug but not clear on original pic. (I will blame scungy office camera.)

    Departs Port of Melbourne

    Departs Port of Melbourne

    Departs Port of Melbourne

    Departs Port of Melbourne
  6. Cape Delfaro

    IMO: 9235361 Seen here berthed at Apleton Dock in Mebourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo taken by: Rex Cox, President WSS Hobart and Posted with his permisson
  7. Cape Delfaro

    IMO: 9235361 Shot taken on 15/09/04 Seen here getting underway from Macquarie Wharf in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia after loading Zinc Blocks and Containers This ship used to visit Hobart frequently like many of her D Class sisters but the service no longer calls at Hobart. Shot taken by...
  8. Cape Delfaro

    Cape Delfaro inbound for Hobart's Risdon wharf July 04 2005.
  9. Cape Delfaro

    Seen here berthed at Risdon upstream from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 6 months after the Project Asia Service was withdrawn from Hobart making a chartered voyage to Hobart to load lead concentrates.
  10. Cape Delfaro

    Seen here turning around to berth Starboard side to at Macquarie Wharf no 4/5 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She is employed on the Project Asia Service which no longer has Hobart as a port of call.
1-11 of 11 Results