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  1. Cape Nelson

    Cape Nelson

    CAPE NELSON in Portland, Victoria, Australia 14th January 2010 IMO:9019432 Built 1992
  3. Cape Nelson

    A postcard from the 60's from Lyles and in their colours.
  4. Cape Nelson

    First trip with SSM, Joined General Terminus Quay 31st December 1973, sailed about the 9th Jan I think, Narvik-Glasgow-Kirkenes-Port Talbot paid off, Didn't they roll, We came round the North Cape whern the Gaul went down, remember frozen in Kirkenes with yellow ice patces round the ship...
  5. Cape Nelson

    One of the Pacific Basin Shipping Line's handysize bulk carriers approaching Macquarie Wharf no 3 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to collect a cargo of Logs and Newsprint.
1-5 of 5 Results