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  1. Union Castle steamer

    A passenger ship of the Union Castle Line is about the leave the harbour of Cape Town, South Africa. The image gives an overview of the port and the adjacent town, with its distinctive feature, the grain elevator. The date is unknown, the photograph was taken sometime between 1935 and 1938.
  2. Aquitania

    Aquitania is shown at anchor in Table Bay at Capetown, Africa in April, 1940. The color of the ships superstructure appears to be a lighter color than the gray that had been applied back in September, 1939. It may very well be a buff color that was apparently common to use on troopships of the...
  3. Aquitania

    The Aquitania, while bound for Southampton, calls at the port of Capetown, Africa during her final return voyage from Sydney in December, 1945. Because many of the people onboard were civilians, including some children, Cunard allowed the ship to stop at a number of ports along the way, to give...
  4. Windsor Castle at Capetown

    Taken 1972 at Capetown.
  5. Euroman and Silver Castle

    Note the fire damage. The wing tip in the photograph could belong to a SAAF Shackleton. The photograph was processed in Capetown.

    P&O NEDLLOYDS m.v. city of cape town, at port elizabeth.
  7. cable car, table mountain

    with some of the crew from the furness bridge, heading up table mountain, capetown. 1971
  8. furness bridge

    furness bridge, maiden voyage, capetown, 1971
  9. Edinburgh Castle

    Another fine Cape day
  10. Edinburgh Castle

    leaving Capetown with a full head of commando brandy 1958
  11. Windsor Castle

    late fifties just put it on line to show tanker they had color back then
1-11 of 11 Results