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  1. Capitaine Le Goff

    SNCF Showing her appearance when she first entered service, prior to fitting of a stabiliser tank to her superstructure, at the ramp in Newhaven.
  2. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Seen at Newhaven after addition of a stability tank to her superstructure and repainting with Monastral Blue hull and Newhaven - Dieppe service funnel insignia
  3. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Inspection party disembarking at end of tour made during work to prepare the ship for service on the Newhaven - Dieppe route
  4. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Port side funnel and aft access to engine spaces. Taken on an inspection of the ship during the course of her being prepared for service on the Newhaven - Dieppe route
  5. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF View on the after deck taken whilst on an inspection of the ship during the course of her preparation for the Newhaven - Dieppe service
  6. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Built 1972 by Hatlo Verksted A/S at Ulsteinvik, Norway for the Larvik - Fredrickshaven route Sold to SNCF in the same year as built and seen here at Dieppe during the course of work to prepare her for the Newhaven - Dieppe service in a freight ro-ro capacity
  7. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Showing the vessel after having a stabiliser tank added to her upper deck and repainted with Monastral Blue hull
  8. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Newhaven - Dieppe freight service Photo shows her as she appeared on entering service on the route in 1972
  9. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF Freight ferry employed on the Dieppe to Newhaven service. The photo shows her as she appeared when she first entered service. Later a stabilising tank was added to her midships superstructure.
  10. Capitaine le Goff

    SNCF's Capitaine le Goff in her first season at Newhaven in 1972. She received standard Sealink colours soon after. Hopelessly slow and unstable, a large stabiliser tank was added but to no avail.
  11. Capitaine Le Goff

    Sealink's French-flagged freighter Capitaine Le Goff at Dieppe in 1974, taken from the arriving Valencay. CLG was a disaster. Incredibly slow, she could only make one round trip per day. She was also very unstable, the tank mounted amidships was meant to alleviate this, but didn't. Needless to...
1-11 of 11 Results