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  1. Captain Hobson

    CAPTAIN HOBSON seen arriving in Wellington c1956, during her latter days. She was previously the AMARAPOORA of Henderson's and was built in 1920. 21in x 13in Watercolour. Tony Westmore
  2. Captain Hobson

    In one of the locks on the Panama Canal sailing west-about with, I think, a Horn Line vessel in the adjacent lock.
  3. Captain Hobson

    Transitting the Panama Canal the Captain Hobson is about to pass what may possibly be one of the 'Rangi' class ships of New Zealand SS Co. Can anyone confirm the identity of that other ship?
  4. Captain Hobson

    In the days before washing machines and tumble dryers were the norm on board ship. Laundry blowing in the breeze on the upper deck. Photo taken by lady emigrating to New Zealand on board the ship in 1953
  5. Captain Hobson

    Another photo of the former Amarapoora when the ship was in use for emigrant service, again taken by the lady passenger emigrating to New Zealand in 1953. This one possibly at a Caribbean port to judge from the cars.
  6. Captain Hobson

    With apologies for the quality of the photo but it is of interest having been taken by a lady emigrating to New Zealand aboard the ship in 1953 and possibly is of the vessel in port at Wellington
  7. Captain Hobson being towed by Port Macquarie, 12-6-1957

    During a voyage from the UK to Wellington, on 12th June 1957 and when 570 miles east of Auckland, she took in tow P Henderson's liner Captain Hobson which had broken down. With 650 emigrants on board and with HMNZS Stawell in attendance she towed the ship to Auckland where she arrived on 17th...
1-7 of 7 Results