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  1. Captain of Devonia

    Captain (whose name I've unforgivably forgotten) bidding farewell to his passengers at the end of an ornithological cruise on Devonia (ex-Devonshire) around the 'bird islands of Scotland' Jul 1966.
  2. Topaz Captain

    Last job before the renaming.
  3. Topaz Captain

    Boa Rover renamed Topaz Captain - April 2011 in Pascagula US.
  4. Northern Star

    The weather here is terrible. Strong wind is causing Nortern Star has to run engine to maintain anchor position.
  5. Zawisza Czarny

    The picture has been taken by Captain Andrzej Drapella in July 1992. Zawisza Czarny has sailed from USA, were she was invited to celebrate USA 500 Years Anniversary. I met Zawisza Czarny and Captain Drapella in Cork. My ship Silver Star was lying just behind, at the same wharf. I have got...
  6. Northern Star

    New private yacht, type: Lurssen, value 100 M GBP+, chartered for app 450 k GBP per week. After taking bunker she has anchored again on Falmouth inner anchorege. Finally when weather improve she will proceed to Caribbean. (02-12-2009)
  7. Northern Star

    02-12-2009 she has arrived to Falmouth, Queens Whaft to take bunker and get some shelter before proceeding to Caribbean. Home port George Town.
  8. Cambrook

    I have been waiting for her in Flushing. Joining for the first time in July 1997. It wasn't impressed view. The only nice thing it was the owners logo, similar to my initials. She belongs to Civil Marine that time. Later I sailed on this ship for almost 5 years and visiting Ipswich, Medway...
  9. Arco Axe

    04-06-2007 Medway River. Arco Axe under way for Euro Whf
  10. Arco Dee

    17-02-2009 Arco Dee backing for Hanson Whf in Shoreham IMO No: 8902917
  11. Shailo - LT 1974

    30-11-2009 alongside County Wharf, Falmouth
  12. SD Meon

    The tug has arrived to Falmouth on 30-11-2009. Home port: London
  13. RFA Argus

    And now she is on her own again. 29-11-2009 Falmouth
  14. Oceana

    13-05-2007 Oceana was following Queen Elizabeth 2 out of Southampton.
  15. Burbon Orca

    25-02-2008 Halsvik, Norway
  16. Scandi Navica

    25-05-2008 Norway, Fedje area. Scandi Navica is laying cable between islands
  17. Beachy Head Lighthouse

    Deaprting Shoreham Harbour at half flood you still have tide with you when going east and then again we have tide with us passing Dover. During spring tides it was 4-5 knots plus.
  18. Shoreham Harbour

    12-06-2008 Shoreham Harbour. Not the easiest one in windy condition, still one of my favorite. They have very good pilots, I had exemption for few years too.
1-19 of 40 Results