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  1. Beluga Legislation

    And the last one for today, beluga again. Enjoy.
  2. Storrington

    Bridge view during the 12B storm on 27-02-2010
  3. Beluga Legislation

    On 27-02-2010 during NW storm 12 of Finisterre
  4. Tour Pomerol

    Similar picture also from 14-04-2010, She is heading NE towards the Channel.
  5. Pagola

    Off Finisterre on 14-04-2010
  6. Independence of the Seas

    I met her on 25-04-2010 S off Isle of Wight late afternoon.
  7. Transmar

    Crossing TSS between Dover and Calais on 31-03-2010.
  8. Filadelfia

    Let's go fishing off Lands End in storm 11-12 B. 29-03-2010
  9. Filadelfia

    One more picture of fishing boat Filadellfia. It's a hard life and work too, to get for us something we call fish and chips for lunch.
  10. Filadelfia

    Watching fishing boats in such a weather i am always curious is it really the best time to go fishing? 29-03-2010 south of Wolf Rock LtH, Lands End, wind NW 11-12B
  11. AB Dublin

    Sailing with Orkan Xynthia off Finisterre on 27-02-2010.
  12. AB Dublin

    Sailing with Orkan Xynthia on 27-02-2010 off Finisterre
  13. AB Dublin

    27-02-2010 sailing with Orkan Xynthia off Finistere
  14. Zawisza Czarny

    Gdynia Port during winter. Zawisza Czarny in front, Blyskawica behind.
1-20 of 59 Results