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  1. Places, People & Events of Maritime Interest
    Hi I'm looking for any information about cargo ship SS Rosslyn and in particular any photos or information about the people who may have worked onboard. I know she was built by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd in 1902 and went to James Tucker Steamship Co Ltd (J Cory & Sons Ltd), Cardiff...
  2. Bristol Channel and Cardiff

    Shot from the summit of Brent Knoll, which will be familiar to those who drive the M5. Centre is the Brean Down peninsula with Cardiff City directly above it. On horizon to the right are the Brecon Beacons, over 40 miles away. Burnham Radio (Portishead) would have been off to the left of this...
  3. HMS Cardiff

    "Short" version of the now out of RN service Type 42 air defence destroyers.
  4. Dragon Mooring SN2

    HMS Dragon arriving at Britannia Quay, Cardiff, assisted by tugs SD Indulgence and Independent which came up from Portsmouth.
  5. Dragon Mooring SN1

    HMS Dragon arriving at Britannia Quay, Cardiff, assisted by tugs SD Indulgence and Independent which came up from Portsmouth.
  6. Penarth

    Unknown coaster entering Cardiff
  7. Unknown vessel

    Entering Cardiff about 1990
  8. Ships Crests, Hermione and Cardiff

    Ships crests for HMS Hermione and HMS Cardiff given to me during the ships courtesy visit to Mogadishu, Somalia in 1986
  9. Welsh Falcon

    Welsh falcon in Cardiff Docks after major refit at The Bute Dry dock, late 1980's
  10. Mountstuart drydock Cardiff

    Dockgates of the Mountstuart Drydock, Cardiff.
  11. Celtic King

    Celtic King moving off berth at her home port of Cardiff on 2nd August 2010 Owner: Charles M Willie and Co (Shipping) Ltd Built: 1999 Tonnage: Gr/Dwt 4,015/ 6,250 L / B/ D: 99.4m/ 17.2m/ 6.4m Ex: Emily Borchard-07, Celtic King-03
  12. River Class minesweeper = HMS Brecon, Hunt class

    Photographed at Cardiff in May 2000. I believe it may be one of the River Class minesweepers built in the mid 80's I've inset pictures of the crests/badges on the funnel and bridge front plus the name plate. Looks like it was visiting Cardiff, incognito!
  13. Soul Sound

    Soul Sound departing Cardiff , 10th March 2010 on her regular run to Warrenpoint. Owner: SIA Spectrum Shipping (Latvia) Built: 1983 L/B/D 78m/ 13.8m/ 5.0m Tonnage Gr/Dwt 2046/ 1876 Flag Malta Ex Coastal...
  14. Yvonne

    Another YVONNE ( a popular name for coasters) Photographed arriving at Cardiff on 25th July 2010 Owner: Reederei Andre Wieczorek GmbH & Co KG Built 2008 L/B/D 90m/ 12.5m/ 5.3m Tonnage Gr/Dwt 2,528/ 3,500 Flg Netherlands...
  15. Unknown at Cardiff Marina

    Anyone got any idea what type of vessel this is?.......gentlemans yacht? or naval something?
  16. The Good Hope

    RNLB The Good Hope (now Myra Jane) at Cardiff Marina (river Ely) on 19th July 2010. Built in 1939 Watson Cabin Motor 46 foot O/No 821 In service: Montrose No1 Oct 1939 - 1972 In reserve: 1972 - 1980 Sold 1981
  17. Westgarth

    Westgarth entering Roath Basin, Cardiff Built 1983 as Yashima-92 Gross tonnage 266 Length/Beam 29.5m/ 9.9m Horsepower 3000
  18. Coronel

    An elderly lady by todays standards. Approaches Cardiff on 20th July 2010 Built 1978 Ex Lys Coronel-00, Coronel-97, Christel-85 Tonnage Gt/Dwt 2089/2461 L/B/D 86.8m/12.8m/4.9m Flag Antigua
  19. Sea Alarm

    Builder: J Cowan & Sons Sunderland Gross Tonnage: 263 Length: 32.8m Beam: 8m Depth: 3.75m Coal Fired triple expansion steam engine by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd Producing 102hp Launched 13/8/41 as EMPIRE ASH for Ministry of War Transport 1946 sold to Clyde Shipping Co – renamed...
1-19 of 29 Results