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  1. Ship Research
    In 1966 my grandmother travelled around the world on the Banda cargo-passenger liner. During her four months at sea she wrote letters to my grandfather and mother, about the crew (all Dutch), passengers, etc. She also wrote a journal. Her correspondence is focused on food/attire/tourist...
  2. Assimina at Genoa, Italy

    Does anyone recognize this cargo-passenger liner seen moored at Genoa on a vintage postcard mailed in 1951? Presence of Costa's ANNA C narrows the timeframe to no earlier than 1947. Thanks to the help of many, ID'd as the immune grant ship Assimina at Genoa, spring of 1951.

    MAURITIUS IMO 5229833 1955 completed by J.L.Meyer, Papenburg for Colonial Steamships Co. Ltd., Rogers + Co, Port Louis 2.092GRT, 2.300tdw, 1.650bhp 4SA 8Cy. Deutz, 11.5kn, 142 passengers Location: River Ems, sea trails or delivery voyage, 1955
1-3 of 3 Results