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  1. Fair Princess

    Sailing from Mazatlan on 24 March 1992, photographed from on board Enchanted Isle.
  2. Fair Princess

    Fair Princess at Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea during an amazing cruise that took us to Vanuatu, the Solomon Is and several places in Papua New Guinea.
  3. Carinthia

    Even Cunard purchased a small number of the many MFC reefers around in the 70's and gave them traditional names. The Carinthia is seen in the course of preparing to leave Dover Harbour in 1983. Formerly the Canteloupe she was built 1973 and was 9,749 gr tons.
  4. Commis Waiters on Cunard's RMS Carinthia c.1964

    Sid, Andy and Fred on crew deck RMS Carinthia c.1964
  5. Carinthia Canada Dry Dock Liverpool

    The ship had been in this dry dock for months because of a strike.
  6. Carinthia

    Cunard’s popular Depression Era cruise liner Carinthia is shown departing New York on 3 September, 1939. Because of the quickly deteriorating situation in Europe during the summer of 1939, the Carinthia was the first Cunard Liner to be requisitioned by the Admiralty for war duty. She received her
  7. Carinthia

    RMS Carinthia

    departing Bluff 1988. Built as 1973 as Cantaloup 1976 to Cunard and renamed Carinthia 1986 sold and renamed Pegasus. Her sister Carmania ex Orange also came to NZ in 1988 as Perseus. Both the previous Carinthia's also visited NZ.
  9. Bridge of the Carinthia

    Bridge of the Carinthia, Cunard reefer. Photo taken in 1983.

    CARINTHIA making a winter depaarture from New York. For 'Cafe Carinthia', m.s. QUEEN VICTORIA Oil on panel, 42 x 30 inches
  11. Carinthia black gang

    engineroom squad in St Lawrence
1-12 of 12 Results