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    Cunard Publicity Photo. Stewart Bale (Liverpool) photo

    Cunard liner CARONIA in New York harbor. One of the famous Moran tugs (which one?) alongside.

    Another of the 1950's Carl Evers ads for Cunard Line, featuring the line's famous slogan.
  4. Caronia

    Alongside at Barbados during a Christmas cruise.
  5. Caronia

    Cunard Line Scanned from a birthday card purchased in Eastbourne. There is no acknowledgement as to the origin of the photo on the card but it is similar to those taken by Beken of Cowes
  6. Caronia

    Air photo taken at Åndalsnes, West Norway.
  7. Caronia

    Cunard Line ex Vistafjord
  8. Caronia

    Caronia at Åndalsnes, Western Norway.
  9. Caronia

    Caronia docked outside Trondheim harbour
  10. Caronia

    Caronia in the Fjords of Norway, Probably in Isfjorden at Åndalsnes
  11. Caronia

    Cunard Line From a Will's Cigarette card
  12. Caronia

    Caronia on a Scandinavian and Baltic cruise 1966

    Cunard cruise liner CARONIA at Auckland 1951.
  14. Caronia

    Painting of the famous Cunarder by John Batchelor
  15. Caronia

    Cunard’s Green Goddess is shown passing through the Panama Canal in the late 1950’s.
  16. Caronia

    Cunard’s first Caronia was launched at John Brown’s Clydebank Yard on 13 July, 1904, and she entered service out of Liverpool in February of the following year. She made a very successful cruise in 1906, and because of her economical speed, she would be used for cruising many times thereafter...
  17. Caronia

    Caronia in Bergen 1954
  18. Caronia

    CARONIA in the Fjords . Original painting in goauche.
  19. Caronia

    CARONIA but which location please? A stunning setting, would make a good painting. Dated 5-59.
  20. Caronia

    Cunards Caronia
1-20 of 39 Results