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  1. Carpathia

    Carpathia is seen sinking on 17 July, 1918, in this painting by an unknown artist. I think the image may have been a color plate in an old book from the early 20’s such as Archibald Hurd’s, A Merchant Fleet at War, or in one of the many editions of “The Wonder Book of Ships” from the late...
  2. Carpathia

    The ten-year-old Carpathia is seen in the Erie Basin Dry Dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 19 December, 1913. A little over a year and a half since her rescue of passengers and crew from the lifeboats of RMS Titanic. The ship was never unpopular, but the part she played in the famous event...
  3. Carpathia

    This picture of the Carpathia comes from an old glass slide that was up for auction on Ebay. I lost the auction and the slide sold for $380.00 US dollars; and in spite of my poor efforts to cover up the seller’s watermark on the water around the ship, I wanted to post the pic because images of...
  4. Carpathia

    This is a rare view of the Cunard Liner Carpathia, seen docked at Liverpool in early 1913, following her annual overhaul. This was the ship’s first return to her home port following her rescue of Titanic passengers and crew from the Atlantic in April 1912. The action she took that night may...
  5. Postcard of the 'Carpathia'

    You're the editor at a postcard company and you just got word of the Titanic sinking and you don't happen have a picture of the rescue ship laying about? Have one of the boys paint the name on whatever ship image you can find - in this case a sketch of the Mauretania. Make sure they rub out the...
  6. Carpathia

    This is another view of the Carpathia leaving New York on the afternoon of April 19, 1912. Considering that the ship had a beautiful sounding name, it seems odd that Cunard has never used the name again for another ship. Perhaps they felt her name should be permanently retired, out of respect.
  7. Carpathia

    This beautiful portside bow view shows the fine lines of the famous rescue ship; the Carpathia would come be known as Cunard’s Samaritan Ship following her rescue of Titanic survivors on April 15, 1912.
  8. Carpathia Launch

    Cunard’s Carpathia is seen on the stocks at the Swan Hunter Shipyard at Wallsend-on-Tyne just prior to her launch date, which was August 6th, 1902. The cargo liner’s fitting out would be completed by April of the following year.
  9. Titanic

    The arch to berth 54 where Carpathia docked, still there. I would love to know if the NY city will preserve this. 100 years on, Titanic is still a big story.
  10. Carpathia

    Carpathia is seen during her historic rescue of survivors from the Titanic disaster, on the morning of April 15, 1912.
  11. Carpathia

    Carpathia departs New York Harbor at 4PM on the afternoon of 19 April, 1912.
  12. Carpathia

    Carpathia rests at her New York pier (54) on the morning of April 19, 1912. Her Captain, Arthur H. Rostron, as well as her wireless operator, Harold Cottom, would both be away from the ship on this day, so they could give testimony at the US Senate Inquiry being held for the loss of the...
  13. Carpathia

    Carpathia crew members lower lifeboats from the Titanic into the White Star Lines New York berth, on the evening of April 18, 1912.
  14. Carpathia

    Stern View of the Carpathia in the drydock at Liverpool, in April, 1903.
  15. Carpathia

    Carpathia in drydock at Liverpool, after being accepted by the Cunard Line in April, 1903.
  16. Carpathia

    Photo taken New Waterway near Rozenburg 05/07/2010
  17. Carpathia

    Carpathia,built 1903 Swan Hunter Wallsend for Cunard S.S. Co.,better known for her role in the Titanic sinking sunk 170nm WxN Bishops Rock 17/7/18
  18. Carpathia

    Container vessel Carpathia, heading for Hamburg, seen passing Denton Wharf on the Thames, taken 14.03.2007 (Denholm shipping???)
  19. Carpathia

    Container vessel Carpathia, heading for Hamburg, seen passing Denton Wharf on the Thames, taken 14.03.2007 (Denholm shipping???)
  20. Carpathia

    The Cunard Liner Carpathia which picked up 705 survivors from the Titanic
1-20 of 20 Results