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  1. Royal Navy carrier=HMS CENTAUR

    I've lost the details for this one so would be grateful if anyone can identify her.
  2. M.V. Cerro Bolivar; IMO No.5067522; Skibs A/S Vorma, Oslo, Norway

    Bulk Ore Carrier, Motor Vessel Cerro Bolivar, launched, Monday, 15/11/1954, to yard number 452, by, Erik Bergs Mekaniska Verkstad A/B, Gothenburg, Sweden, and completed and delivered, January 1955, to Skibs A/S Vorma, Oslo, Norway, (managers, Gorre Paulissen & Klaveness A/S, Oslo, Norway)...
  3. Brazilian tanker Marajó refuels carrier Minas Gerais

    Brazilian Navy tanker Marajó refuels carrier Minas Gerais off Brazilian coast between 8th-24th January 1990.

    blt 1998 as UNITED CARRIER RORO vessel blt in Romania 12251 grt 8856 dwt 155 loa 23 beam diesel 20kn 2002 : BIRKA CARRIER 2013 : CARRIER passing Terneuzen on her way to Antwerp feb 8, 2015

    finnish RoRo vessel CARRIER blt 1998 by Galati SN, Galati (Romania) completed by Fosen, Rissa 12251 grt 8853 dwt 155 loa 23 beam diesel 20kn blt as UNITED CARRIER 2002 : BIRKA CARRIER 2013 : CARRIER Passing Terneuzen inwards to Antwerp, feb 8, 2015
  6. Clemenceau

    i found this on the net, i believe it is some where around Hartlepool
  7. Carrier

    At Truro 20-09-09 To load scrap.
  8. Carrier

    Unknown RN carrier sunk by enemy submarine in Atlantic
  9. Sheep Carrier

    This sheep ship was snapped in New Zealand in late January 1994 whilst on the Aratika heading to the South Island.
1-10 of 10 Results