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  1. Carron and Starling

    Name: HMS Starling (P241) Builder: Hall, Russell & Company, Aberdeen Laid down: 1982 Launched: 7 September 1983 Commissioned: 1984 Decommissioned: 1 August 1997 Fate: Transferred to Philippine Navy in 1997. Launched as the third of five patrol vessels of the Peacock class, she was origin
  2. Carron

    Ca-Class Fleet Destroyer ordered from Scotts of Greenock with another of the same Class on 24th March 1942. The names originally allocated were HMS STRENUOUS and SPITFIRE but were changed in November 1942 to CARRON and CAMBRIAN. This ship was laid down on 26th November 1942 and launched on 28th Marc
  3. HMS Carron with frogman

    Hms Carron at Chatham Navy Days 1955 , this time also with "Gay" class P1043 , Naval frogman display and Dragonfly 'chopper .
1-3 of 3 Results