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  1. Castel Felice

    Sitmar Line Built 1930 by Stephens & Sons, Glasgow as Kenya for British India Line After WWII service purchased in 1949 by Alva SS Co and re-named Fairstone 1952 renamed Castel Felice 1970 Broken up The illustration is by the well known maritime artist A. Storace who signed his work...
  2. Castel Felice

    CASTEL FELICE at Southampton in the 1960's. Original coloured drawing.
  3. Castel Felice

    Sitmar Line Passing through the Channel with crew members busy touching up the funnel
  4. Castel Felice_Melbourne

    Castel Felice_Melbourne_1963
  5. Castel Felice

    T/S Castel Felice - Sitmar Line Picture taken in British Waters after 1961. The ship is in her last aspect after end 1961 modifications in Genoa.
  6. Castel Felice

    Castel Felice_Southampton 5DEC1969. Should bring back memories for a few.
1-6 of 6 Results