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  1. Cathay

    P&O Line Far East services
  2. Cathay

    13,821 gross tons. Built in 1957 by Cockerills for Cie de Navigation Maritime Belge. Sold to P&O in 1961 for Far East service as Cathay then to China in 1976
  3. Cathay

  4. Cathay

    Photo taken 1968 in London KGV Dock.
  5. Cathay

    Cathay 1957 13809t builder Cockerill-Ougree/Hoboken launched as Baudouinville 1957 1961 Cathay 1975 Kenghsin 1977 Shang Hai
  6. Cathay

    Danish East Asiatic Company's Cathay in Shanghai. Along some sort of pontoon? She was built by Ramage and Ferguson in 1898 and mined in 1915. So what's that rope for that goes just over the heads of the dockers?
  7. Cathay

    A brochure/itinerary of Cathay and Chitral picked up in Sydney in 1971. It shows the routes of their round 'line voyages' from Melbourne via Sydney, Port Morsby, Manila, Hong Kong, Keelung, Kobe, Hagoya, Yokohama, Rabaul then back to Australia to Brisbane, Syney and Melbourne again. This...
  8. Cathay

    Cathay in Hobart mid 1970s
  9. Cathay

    Cathay in Hobart mid 1970s
1-10 of 10 Results