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  1. Caxton

    Transatlantic Carriers freighter Caxton is seen inward bound on the Thames at Tilbury in 1965 with a cargo of newsprint for Convoys Wharf Deptford. Built in 1958 she was 5,729 gr tons.
  2. Caxton

    CAXTON 1958 5729 tgr Transatlantic Carriers ( ex Runciman) Blt Blyth D.D. Co 68-ELENA M 78-VASSILAKIS 81-SILVER SHARK 81-MIGHTY SEA 84-JUPITER STAR b/up Gadani Beach 16-9-84 Original coloured drawing. I realise that the company had a white line on the hull but my source never...
  3. River Thames, London

    The Thames embankment in the city of London, apparently at the Greenwich pier. In the foreground is visible the paddle steamer Caxton (120 grt). It was launched on May 23rd, 1905 by Napier and Miller at Yoker, Scotland, hull-number 147. She was employed in the London County Council's steamer...
1-3 of 4 Results