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  1. Cellana

    Launching of Shell (Australia), 'Cellana' on 19 April, 1968. Cellana Built: 1968 Whyalla SB Tonnage: 16,005grt, 25,169dw Owners: Shell Petroleum Co(Australia) 1985: Sold, r/n 'Vivaldi' 1995: Theopisti 2003: Broken up Chittagong.

    Sydney 1977 Built 1968 for Shell Australia. 1985 sold and renamed Vivaldi. 1995 sold and renamed Theopisti. 2003 broken up Chittagong. Another 60's tanker with a long service record.
  3. Cellana Launch Party (1968)

    CELLANA launch party (l to r): Mr. R. G. Hawke, Acting General Manager, Shipyard Whyalla; The Lady Casey; Mr S. M. F. Martin, General Manager Whyalla Steelworks; Sir Colin Syme, Chairman B.H.P. Melbourne; Miss Hewett, Personal Assistant to Lady Casey; Lady Syme; The Lord Casey, Governer-General of A
  4. Cellana (1968)

    Shell Australia tanker CELLANA. Completed 1968 by B.H.P. Shipbuilding & Engineering Works, Whyalla, South Australia. About 25,000 d.w.t.
  5. Cellana

    Shell tanker Cellana berthing at the old oil wharf in Hobart December 1970.
1-5 of 5 Results