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    NORDANVIK IMO 5254979 1960 completed by A/B Ekensberg Varv, Stockholm for A/B Cementia, Malmö Cement Carrier 1.916GRT, 2.640tdw, 2.160bhp MAN, 13.75kn This ship had a very long life: 1983 SCAN TRADER 1988 SEA TRADER 1990 PATRIC M. 1990 TAUINUS 1990 MEERA 1991 MEERAA 1996...

    American flagged laker, cement carrier. Originally built as a tanker Pan-Amoco in 1936, converted to a self unloading cement carrier in 1965.
  3. Goliath

    A sudo high dynamic range image of the cement carrier, Goliath. Loading cement at DP1W, Devonport, Australia for Melbourne, Australia some 450km away. Vessel type: Cement Carrier Gross tonnage: 11,754 tons Summer DWT: 15,539 tons Length: 143 m Beam: 24 m Draught: 8.5 m
  4. Coral Venture - Freeport

    Tommy Elliott - 3rd Engineer
  5. Askholm at Scrabster late 90s

    Cement Carrier called at Scrabster for spares in Dec 99 or Jan 2000 can't make out name. German or Scandi origin I think registered St Johns or similar F o C
1-7 of 7 Results