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    Seen at Maldon on the 12th September 2016 Thames sailing barge
  2. Centaur

    Blue Funnel ship Centaur working cargo in Singapore. Timber on and frozen carcases off. The passengers and sheep were already landed at this stage !
  3. Centaur at Broome, W.A.

    Centaur alongside at Broome at Low Water. Ramp for loading cattle being adjusted in the background. Passengers checking out the bow and fishing possibilities. Health and safety? Nobody fell in.
  4. Centaur at Broome, W.A.

    Centaur called at Broome on several trips every year southbound from Singapore. Used to load 700 longhorn steers there for Fremantle. It was said that the meat was so red (due to the iron-ore in the grazing land) that it could only be used for hamburgers!
  5. Centaur arriving Freo

    Early Monday morning arrival for the Centaur at Fremantle, just inside the South Mole. Any Freo tuggies of that era can name the tug?
  6. Centaur

    Shot taken during lifeboat drill whilst Centaur was drifting off Christmas Island, en route Singapore to Fremantle.
  7. Fremantle Harbour

    Shot taken from the top of the Fremantle Port Authority building, looking East. C shed in the foreground with the Centaur further down Victoria Quay at the passenger berth.
  8. CENTAUR deck passengers

    'Deck passengers' on CENTAUR in 1979. We carried 12 horses northbound from Fremantle every trip. They were polo ponies for the Sultan of Johore and racehorses for Singapore/Hong Kong.
  9. CENTAUR northbound

    CENTAUR northbound from Fremantle to Singapore in 1979.
  10. CENTAUR at Christmas Island

    CENTAUR calling at Christmas Island in 1979 to drop mail bags from Singapore. The ship at mooring buoy in the background is identified by Stratheden as ex-Union SS Co. KAIMIRO class.

    Centaur at Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong, in 1979
  12. Centaur

    A graphic displayed in the Dining Saloon of the Blue Funnel Line passenger/cargo vessel showing the three ships of the same name built for the company
  13. Centaur

    Press Release photo by the British Information Services in New York, the following press statement was attached to the rear of the photo. HMS Centaur’s Mediterranean Work Up The 27000ton aircraft carrier HMS Centaur (Captain J.A.C.Henley DCSC RN) which began its third commission in March...
  14. Centaur

    Built 1964 by John Brown, 7,989 gross tons Shown off Cape Town when operating for the St Helena Steamship Co
  15. Centaur

    Blue Funnel's magnificent Cargo/Passenger ship Centaur seen here dressed overall.
  16. Centaur

    Port's tug at Rijeka
  17. Four Carriers (1955)

    Official Royal Navy Photo. Typed on the back is the following, whilst the text says four carriers and four can be seen, only 3 are named. FOUR CARRIERS OPERATE IN NORTHERN WATERS For the first time in history four angled deck aircraft carriers are seen steaming in line astern. They were taking...

    Singapore 1981 Built 1964 for Blue Funnel Line. 1985 sold and renamed Hai Long. 1986 renamed Hai Da. She was chartered by St Helena Shipping from 1983 to 1985. No doubt her funnel was the inspiration for the Priam Class.

    Singapore 1981 Built 1964 for Blue Funnel Line. 1985 sold and renamed Hai Long. 1986 renamed Hai Da. She was probably renamed due to amorous passengers asking the stewardesses - Hai long ? Hai Da ! being deemed more appropriate !
1-20 of 24 Results