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  1. Ceres

    The Dutch Ceres was one of a large class of good looking freighters built for KNSM. Sadly they had been only irregular visitors to London but in 1971 she found herself in the KGV Dock. Built 1959 she was 6,235 gr tons.
  2. Ceres

    The Ceres had been towing the David F from Londonderry to Milford Haven after the latter had been sunk in Lough Foyle and salvaged. Off the south of the Isle of Man the Ceres developed fuel problems and both were towed into Peel by the Salisbury. Later the Salisbury towed the David F to Holyhead...
  3. Ceres

    The Brazilian steamer CERES; 76,9m/ 1.150gt/ 10,5kn; 11/1948 completed by James Lamont & Co., Ltd., Port Glasgow, as DOURO (2) for E.B.Aaby’s Rederi A/S, Oslo; 1957 CERES, Navegação Savonia SA., Rio de Janeiro; 1967 CERES, Emp. Nav, Santa Catarina Lda., Itajai; 1970 CERES, Marina Maritima...
  4. Ceres

    Photo taken New Waterway near Rozenburg 17-06-2010
  5. Ceres

    The tug "Ceres" , Lagan Marine Services, Belfast. On the River Lagan early / mid 80's.
  6. Ceres

    Ketch Ceres crossing the bar on her entrance to Bude Harbour. Built at Salcombe, Devon, in 1811, and began by trading to Spain, more than once having narrow escapes from French privateers. In the years 1813 and 14 she was Goverment employed, carrying military stores for Wellington's Peninsular...
1-6 of 6 Results