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  1. Cervia

    At Bar,Montenegro,after a few days
  2. Cervia

    The old Watkins tug Cervia is seen in ITL ownership tied up at Chatham in 1977. Built 1946 by Alexander Hall at Aberdeen she was 233 gr tons. She is currently at Ramsgate as a museum piece.
  3. Cervia

    William Watkins tug Cervia was an Empire that missed the war. Completed 1946 by Alexander Hall & Co Aberdeen she is now lying in a dry dock in Ramsgate. She certainly had her moments in the sun on The Thames but her low point was being sunk by the new P&O liner Arcadia while helping it to undock...
  4. Cervia

    Celebrating her 65th birthday - the Cervia at Ramsgate on 5th August 2011
  5. Cervia

  6. Cervia

    Cervia - Ramsgate
  7. Harbour of Cervia

    The fishing trabaccolo Raffaele fishing in 1971 off Cervia.
  8. Adriatic Harbours in paintings of 1700

    Harbour of Cervia. Painted by Antonio Fedi in 1789
  9. Cervia

    The Cervia seen in quite a bad state at Ramsgate Aug 2006 Photo by karbine
  10. Cervia

    The Cervia seen in quite a bad state at Ramsgate Aug 2006 Photo by karbine
  11. CERVIA

    Not Clyde built but Scottish anyway from Aberdeen in 1946 as EMPIRE RAYMOND becoming CERVIA 1n 1947 and served on the Thames. After withdrawal she was engaged on coastal towage and was seen on the Clyde on a few occasions.This was taken in August 1975 and I think she was in to tow the old naval...
  12. CERVIA

    This one was taken in October 1975 and she is outbound here with a tow.Some Clyde Shipping tugs also around-FLYING DIPPER and FLYING FULMAR.The container ship is HAPAG/s ALSTER EXPRESS
  13. cervia

    model ships
1-13 of 13 Results