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  1. What tug and where?

    Looking to identify the tug (thought name would be easy, but....). Photo undated and with no clues on the back. The freighter is CEUTA of Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Reederei, built 1912 and with them until 1921, then British flag (same name) until 1927. Note large number of deck...
  2. CEUTA

    German m/s CEUTA (4), IMO 5067649/ 105,4m/ 3.560gt/ 15,5kn/ pax 10; 24/11/1955 completed by Deutsche Werke AG, Hamburg, for Oldenburg Portugiesische Dampfschiffs Rhederei, Hamburg; 1971 CEUTA, Conny Shipping Co., LTD., Famagusta; 1976 CEUTA, Kalamares Shipping Inc. Piraeus; 08/07/1980 arrived...

    General cargo vessel arriving Ceuta Flag: Antigua & Barbuda Built: 2.009 CS: 9432517 CS: V2GN6

    General cargo vessel berthed at Ceuta Flag: Antigua & Barbuda Built: 2.010 CS: V2FD8 IMO: 9349435
  5. Ceuta

    Afran Bahamas Ltd, Watts Watts Managers 1959 20526 grt 660 ft 86 ft 15-1/2 kts
1-5 of 5 Results