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  1. Luxury Liner Row

    This view of liners at New York was taken from a New York newspaper of the time. It shows Europa, Rex, Normandie, Georgic, and Berengaria all tied up at the piers in the summer of 1937. Only one of these ships would survive WW2 unscathed, and one would be sitting in a scrapyard, being demolished w
  2. Liberte & Ile De France

    The Liberte and Ile De France are seen together in this shot from the 1950’s. It was probably not common for both ships to be in the same port together, since they maintained a tandem schedule that saw the two ships sailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic at any given time.
  3. QE and Normandie

    Queen Elizabeth and Normandie are seen docked side-by-side in New York at piers 91, and 88 respectively. Based on an earlier color view, the Normandie already appears to have her white superstructure painted grey, so I would assume the work would have taken place after the fall of France on 10 May,
  4. Ile De France

    Ile De France, loaded with all of her military cargo on the stern, heads for France on 1 May, 1940. She will reach Cherbourg on the 7th, and discharge all of her cargo upon arrival. After refueling, she will depart for Sydney, Australia via Cape town. France would fall to the Nazi’s on the 10th,
  5. Ile De France

    The Ile De France sits at a pier off Staten Island in April, 1940. She is taking on military cargo that included bomber parts, and tons of sheet copper and brass bars. After being fully loaded, the ship will sail on the first of May.
  6. Lafayette (Ex- Normandie)

    Another view of the Lafayette lying on her side on 10 February, 1942. The New York City Fireboat Firefighter is seen fighting a stubborn blaze located in the ships ventilation system at the base of the ship’s two forward funnels. The Firefighter was painted over completely in black as soon as Amer
  7. Lafayette (Ex- Normandie)

    The Lafayette is seen from above one day after her fatal capsizing at pier 88 in New York Harbor on 10 February, 1942.
  8. Liberte

    The newly restored French liner Liberte, (ex SS Europa) is seen arriving in New York on her Maiden Voyage on 23 August, 1950.
  9. Normandie

    Ariel view of the Normandie, taken as the ship conducted her sea trials in May, 1935. The lack of water turbulence around her hull and at her bow, shows just how revolutionary Vladimir Yourkevitch’s hull design truly was.
  10. Ile De France

    Two days after the previous picture was taken, the Ile De France departed New York bound for her home port in France. The three uncrated bombers can be seen on the upper sports deck aft. The Ile had already been earmarked by the French Government for troopship duty in Australia, and shortly after
  11. Ile De France

    The Ile De France is shown on 29 April, 1940, docked at a pier on Staten Island, where she had been moved to allow other French liners to use the facilities at the company’s pier 88 on the Hudson. The crew has completed painting the ship’s upper works a dark gray and her funnels were painted black.
  12. Lafayette

    A J4F Widgeon is seen flying over New York Harbor in October, 1943, while below, the hull of the Lafayette, (formerly the Normandie) is shown nearing the end of her salvage operation. The picture was obviously taken from another aircraft, but it is not identified. Wartime censorship appears to ha

    CGT vessel Equateur aground near Cap Gris Nez November 25, 1953.
  14. PARIS

    Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

    Compagnie Generale Transatlantique.

  17. France

    This picture took some work to repair a lot of damage in the sky, but it cleaned up nicely in the end. It shows the France departing what I believe is a port in Florida in 1970. If anyone recognizes any of the tugs, or possibly the building in the background, the location may be better identified
  18. Ile De France

    The French Lines Ile De France departs New York in late August, 1939. It will be her last peacetime departure from the port for many years to come. She appears to be being assisted by an early diesel powered member of the Moran Fleet.
  19. Normandie

    The Normandie is seen leaving Le Havre early in her career, with the Ile De France docked in the background,
  20. Ile De France

    CGT's elegant Ile De France is seen in her twilight years crossing the English Channel in this fine painting by artist John Stewart
1-20 of 42 Results