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  1. The Radio Room
    I'll admit straight away that I am not an ex mariner, but I do look after the Marine Radio Collection at Internal Fire- Museum of Power in West Wales. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any knowledge or experience or perhaps sailed with the Marconi Challenger. There won't be...
  2. Challenger

    Workboat Challenger approaching the Railway Pier, Oban.

    Builders publicity brochure

    Builders publicity brochure
  5. Challenger

    Berthed in Docklands precinct of Melbourne. Conducts local river cruises and functions
  6. Challenger

    Leaving the Railway Pier after taking fuel.
  7. Challenger

    Challenger at Valletta
  8. Challenger

    Seen at Portsmouth on the 19 May 1988
  9. DMS Challenger

    DMS Challenger fresh from drydock in Abu Dhabi 2010
  10. Challenger FR 90

    North Sea, June 2010
  11. Challenger

    Leith 12/10/06
  12. More Challengers

    R.R.S. Challenger in Oban Bay approx '85 to pay off a bunch of Scientific staff. Long since left service with the research council NERC but now gone for scrapping to Fornaes Aps in Grenaa, Denmark - the yard that is scrapping all the big Scottish fishing boats. See 3/4 down the news page...
  13. H.M.S Challenger

    One of HMS Challenger on trials - Clyde mid 80's. See previous thread
  14. Filling The berth

    The first thing that struck me about her was her size.
  15. The Unexpected

    Soon after we arrived the bow doors opened up. After the ESTONIA disaster I thought that they had been welded shut.
  16. The Biggest since Rangatira

    Challenger berthed at the old Inter Island wharf Wellington
1-18 of 18 Results