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  1. The Victoria

    The Victoria off an island in the Aegean (I cannot recall which island), this was during a two-weeks cruise from Genoa to Piraeus in the autumn of 1991.
  2. Regina Prima

    Another shot of that busy day in Genoa harbour in 1977. I wish that I'd taken other photos of this most interesting ship; built as the Panama for Panama Line and later sailed as President Hoover on American President Line's trans-Pacific service. When acquired by Chandris she sailed for some years a

    Photo taken in January 1974. Acapulco Harbour was not deep enough so a shuttle service by lifeboat was used to go ashore.
  4. Bretagne/Brittany

    The Greeks certainly added years and a certain amount of character to the mainly ex-British passenger liners they purchased in the 1960's. This is a one of my favourite shots of Bretagne.
1-5 of 5 Results