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  1. The Victoria

    The very beautiful Chandris Line cruise ship The Victoria, at anchor off Katakolon 7th November 1991
  2. Amerikanis in Genoa

    Amerikanis in Genoa on 10th September 1977, photographed from on board Vistafjord.

    Paint crews attend Chandris Fantasy Cruises' ageing but stately BRITANIS, just hours before she departs New York on 4 August 1984.
  4. Galileo

    Southbound in the Hudson, departing New York.
  5. Regina Magna in the Thames

    Regina Magna moving from mid-river to come alongside the Landing Stage at Tilbury on 31st August 1973.
  6. Australis

    Australis at Southampton, 17 November 1977 From the Hythe Ferry, just caught the sun spot on !
1-6 of 6 Results