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    French passenger ship Chantilly at the quay of NV Haven van Vlissingen on the Buitenhaven in Vlissingen. The ship came for trial trips three times in June 1967 to Vlissingen with always 1,100 French children on board, who were then driven by coaches for a short vacation in The Netherlands. The...
  2. Chantilly

    At the Trent Valley Sailing Club - Trent Lock.
  3. Chantilly

    Arriving at Dover in the Summer of 1981
  4. Chantilly

    From a 1970 slide
  5. Istra and Chantilly

    The cruise ship Istra berthing at Newhaven in the late 1960's, with help from the Meeching. Behind her is the Chantilly.
  6. Chantilly arrives

    A very nice shot of Dieppe Ferries' Chantilly, arriving at Newhaven in the early 80's. In the foreground is the 'red light' near 'Monkey Island' at the shore end of the East Pier
  7. Chantilly

    Chantilly leaves Newhaven in 1976. She had been converted to drive through operation the previous year, but had yet to receive the extensions to her passenger lounges.
  8. Chantilly

    Chantilly arriving at Newhaven - 1980s. This was after her second 'conversion' when the extra foward lounge was added. A 'before' photo will follow soon.
1-8 of 8 Results