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  1. CHARISMA_ LK 362

    CHARISMA LK 362. Newpaintet in port of Hirtshals
  2. Charisma LK362

    Charisma berthed in Lerwick..
  3. Charisma

    Old charisma,now rockall
  4. Charisma LK362

    Part of an exhibition I created in 2001.. 7 paintings of the Whalsay pelagic boats 7ft x 4 ft and 10 paintings of the crews working on board
  5. charisma

    in lerwick
  6. Charisma @ Lerwick

    Why two ports of Registry???
  7. Charisma Barra

    A good shot of herring Almost down to the numbers
1-8 of 8 Results