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  1. Chartres

    SNCF (Sealink Dieppe Ferries) Seen departing Newhaven in May 1989
  2. Chartres

    SNCF (Sealink) At Dover in April 1974
  3. Chartres

    SNCF A view which shows the rather unusual stern door arrangement as she arrives at Newhaven
  4. Chartres

    Woodcut of Chartres cathedral which was in the forward observation lounge of the Channel ferry MV Chartres
  5. Chartres

    Lounge/Bar in billious green and yellow - ideal decor for a rough Channel crossing!
  6. Chartres

    Forward Observation Lounge
  7. Chartres

    Upper Deck looking forward
  8. Chartres

    Arriving at Newhaven in the 1980's

    The 1974 built French ferry CHARTRES was photographed at Calais by the late Dick Parsons CHARTRES was sold in 1993, modified and renamed EXPRESS SANTORINI
  10. Chartres at Night, Newhaven

    Just found this pic. Taken in 1974, hand held - hence the slight blur.
1-10 of 10 Results