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  1. Chilka

    British India's Chilka of 1950 undergoes attention in Tilbury south east dry dock in 1964
  2. BISN Co CHILKA discharging in Sydney

    In 1956 the train lines from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Katoomba and Lithgow were being electrified. The electric locomotives were built in the United Kingdom and shipped to Sydney. The photo shows the first of these locomotives being unloaded on 15th May 1956.

    British India S.N.'s 14.5 kt CHILKA, built by Swan, Hunter at Newcastle in 1950, was photographed arriving at Rotterdam on 11th May 1971 CHILKA arrived at Kaohsiung on 25.7.72 to be broken up
  4. Chilka

    The "Chilka" homeward bound on a choppy day in the Med.
1-4 of 4 Results