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  1. Class of '56

    Cadets from BI cadetship Chindwara meeting up for a few beers 57 years later. L to R: Kneale Barber (Ali), Robin Knox-Johnston (Knox), John Briggs (Abo) and Paddy Michaelson (Pompey). Photo taken at the Cruising Yacht Club, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney on 17th December 2013. All the...
  2. Cadets

    Cadets on the boat deck on the BI cadetship Chindwara. I have no idea who the arrogant bastard in the foreground is!
  3. Cadets off ashore again.

    Cadets from the BI Cadetship Chindwara heading off for a hockey match. East Africa I think.
  4. Chindwara

    Chindwara in dry dock some where in UK in the 1950's.
  5. Cadet Kneale Barber

    Member Kneale Barber as a cadet on Chindwara around 1958.
  6. bisnco cadetship Chindwara 1958/60

    cadets checking security of deck cargo ?????
  7. Cadet horseplay

    Cadets on Chindwara fooling around on top of mast house. One of our members is shown on the right. Wonder if he remembers?
  8. Holystoning

    Cadets holystoning on the boat deck abaft No.3 hatch.
  9. Chindwara

    British India cadet training ship.
  10. The hated (at least by me) CADET'S JOURNAL

    The front page of my cadet journal which I started keeping in January 1956. It was checked by the Master every two weeks and usually meant a frantic writing up of two weeks happenings on board the night before it was due to be marked.
  11. The Padre

    Believe it or not this is a cadet on Chindwara dressed up for crossing the line ceremony in 1956.
  12. Four legged cargo

    As a cadet looking after a dog being shipped as cargo.
  13. Chindwara in Graving Dock

    British India's Chindwara in dock. Note the supports around the ship.
  14. Chindwara

    CHINDWARA 1950 7525 tgr B.I.S.Nav
  15. View from the poop!

    British India Cadetship Chindwara.
  16. Lifeboat maintenance

    Cadets on BI's Cadetship Chindwara 1957
  17. BISN Co Chindwara - Cadetship

    A very dodgy looking DIY painting punt
  18. BISN Co Chindwara

    c 1958 / 1960 Colombo
  19. BISN Co-Chindwara

    On passage from East Africa to UK / North Continent
1-20 of 25 Results