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  1. Chitral

    P&O Lines Sailing in Far Eastern waters
  2. Chitral

    P&O Far East service

    CHITRAL 1925 15248 tgr P&O blt Stephen/Linthouse b/up Dalmuir 1-4-53.
  4. Chitral

    The former Cie Maritime Belge vessel seen here when in service with P&O on the Far East run had beautiful lines
  5. Chitral

  6. Chitral Radio Room

    Marconi Atlanta Receiver for recording news broadcasts for later re-play for passengers. Marconi "Alert" Emergency Receiver, Koden weather fax receiver and Reel to Reel tape recorder.
  7. Chitral Radio Room

    Redifon VHF, Redifon AL27 Auto Alarm Receiver, work bench and Kelvin Hughes 18 Radar Transmitter.
  8. Chitral Radio Room

    Redifon R408 Main Receiver, Marconi Atlanta Receiver for MF, Marconi Privacy Unit for phonecalls
  9. Chitral GHNX Radio Room

    Marconi Crusader main transmitter, Marconi Reliance Emergency Tx with Antenna Switch above, Redifon R408 Receiver. Old SAIT receiver antenna switches above receiver.
  10. Chitral Nov 1975

    Chitral Radio Dept, me on the right and Bill Muldoon chief RO in Hong Kong just prior to her last voyage to the breakers.
  11. Chitral - Last Days

    Chitral (GHNX) ex Jadotville at Hong Kong 23 Nov 1975. Two days later ship sail for Kaohsiung for breaking up. Great fun ship.

    London 1938 She visited NZ in 1946 while in service as a troopship.

    Bluff NZ 13/6/1998 First gearless cellular container ship to exchange containers at Bluff. However she was not the first gearles container ship to visit as NZ Mariner, Australian Trader and Australia Star had called for various reasons in 1980's. Built 1970 as Arafura 1991 Chitral...
  14. Chitral

    Chitral of P&O but working for Eastern & Australian S.S. Co Ltd along with Cathay at Guam on a regular line voyage from the Far East to Australia carrying both passengers and cargo. There could be some debate whether she was a liner or cargo ship and what category she should be in. Well, she...
  15. Chitral (II)

    P&O liner Chitral at Hong Kong circa 1970.
  16. Chitral

    KGV dock, London. 27th July 1969
1-16 of 16 Results