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  1. Christian Radich

    In my humble opinion, one of, if not the most attractive tall ship still active. In this 10 in. X 17 in. work I have shown her without her top lifts which is how we encountered her in the Baltic; a marvellous sight indeed. We were also privileged to share a jetty with her in Oslo.
  2. Lookout

    Change of lookouts. Christian Radich in movie "Windjammer"
  3. Christian Radich and Pamir

    Mid Atlantic encounter.

    Norwegian flag.

    Passing Gravesend on the 10th April 2017
  6. Christian Radich

    Somewhere off the coast of Portugal and just too far away for my 70-300mm to get the name sharp.
  7. Christian Radich IMO5071729

    Sail Training vessel alongside in Las Palmas
  8. Christian Radich

    In Victoria Dock, Hartlepool during Tall Ships 2010
  9. Christian Radich

    In Little Minch,14/07/11
  10. Christian Radich

    In The Little Minch, 14/07/11
  11. Christian Radich

    Photographed from a photograph. I believe i sold this one, or at least managed to give it away.
  12. Christian Radich

    Didn't get much contrast between ship and background: white hull, white sails, white clouds. So I considered it a bit of fiasco, but leafing across it today I found it passable all the same.
  13. Christian Radich

    Bow detail of sail training ship Christian Radich leaving Cuacao, 1957
  14. Christian Radich

    Christian Radich passing through Tower Bridge
  15. Christian Radich

    Taken at Lerwick in the mid-1960's. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get the image any sharper.
  16. Christian Radich

    The Christian Radich before Akershus castle in Oslo some time ago. Two other ''tall ships'' behind, and a pair of wooden sailers in the foreground. (Should Tonga come around, I'll ask him to notice the lack of red boxes.)
1-20 of 25 Results