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    CHRISTMAS COOKIES Little locomotives made by my beloved wife for handicapped children. Merry Christmas to all shiplovers and friends of Shipsnostalgia! Thomas
  2. Merry Christmas

    I am late this year with good wishes, no internet available on the midle of North Atlantic unfortunately. Any way Happy New Year for all Ships Nostalgia funs. I have just made fast in Londonderry, visitors welcome
  3. Christmas 1974 - Manzanares

    A seasonal photo. This was taken in the bar on Fyffes Manzanares Front row L to R 1 -Purser - I think his surname was Bell, 2 - His son is next to him. In the middle with the moustache is Keith Finney - 3rd Mate Back row L to R 1- Shore Agent, 2 - Mrs Hodges (Captains wife), 3 -...
  4. British Faith-Christmas

    Pre-lunch drinks. Officers lounge 1960
  5. British Faith-Christmas

    Christmas lunch. 1960. I don't remember any of the names
  6. British Faith-Christmas

    Cakes baked for the festive season 1960
  7. Merry Christmas from Newcastle

    Another year has almost passed by. Hopefully the 2010 will be better for everone. I wish to Ship's Nostalgia and all Members nice, quiet Christmas and a very happy New Year
  8. Manners Men etc.

    Christmas lunch on board North Breeze - Japan 1967. Looks like the participants have had a little Christmas spirit!
  9. Manners Men etc.

    Christmas lunch on board a Manners ship. I think it was North Breeze about 1968
  10. Christmas eCard

    Send one to your friend
  11. Kielder - Christmas 2008

    All together for a short while, not often happened this days. Traditional Christmas meal.
  12. Kielder - Christmas 2008

    Christmas Evening 2008 - all crew together including Teddy Bear. From left: Andrzej, Krzysiek, Czeslaw, Tadeusz, Captain and Teddy Bear, Marek, Kazik, Jurij, Ryszard. Happy Christmas.
  13. Christmas eCard

    Christmas card for everyone, download and send to your lovely one
1-13 of 14 Results