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    P&O's CHUSAN being launched into dock 8 at the RDM yard.
  2. Chusan

    This near sister to the Himalaya was somwhat less known as until the early 60's she was in use on the far east run. She is seen at Tilbury Landing Stage in 1961.
  3. Chusan

    P&O Line Tourist Class Smoke Room
  4. Chusan

    Departing Southampton in the early 1970's
  5. Chusan

    Postcard which shows the 1st class Verandah Cafe
  6. Chusan

    Postcard of the 1st class lounge
  7. Chusan

    Postcard that shows 1st class library
  8. Chusan

    At Berth 101 Southampton Docks in April 1973
  9. Chusan

    At Southampton in April 1973
  10. Chusan

    Chusan on a late afternoon departure from Southampton
  11. Chusan


    Name: Chusan Photo in Hong Kong Owner: Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company Ordered: May 1946 Builder: Vickers Armstrong Ltd, Barrow in Furness, UK Yard number: 964 Laid down: February 1947 Launched: 28 June 1949 Completed: 1950 Maiden voyage: 15 September 1950 In service...
  13. Chusan

    Chusan at Southampton 1960s. Don't know actual date. David
  14. CHUSAN

    Sydney 1960's P and O company postcard-no copyright noted on back of postcard One of my favourite ships along with the similar Himalaya which I saw many times at Auckland in 1960's up to her last year of service in 1973.
  15. CHUSAN

    Auckland 1960'S Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer Marine Photos
  16. CHUSAN

    Thought this was a nice photo of her
  17. CHUSAN

    P and O's 1950 Barrow built liner CHUSAN was photographed by the late Dick Parsons, presumably at Southampton CHUSAN arrived at Kaohsiung on 1.7.73 to be broken up
  18. Chusan

    Beautiful model of this old P&O ship in the Maritime Museum in Melbourne, Australia.
  19. Chusan

    P+O Chusan
1-20 of 35 Results