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  1. Chyebassa

    British India Line's Chyebassa exchanges pilots outward bound at Gravesend in 1960. Built 1942 she was 7,043 gr tons.

    British India's 1942 Barclay Curle, Glasgow, built CHYEBASSA was photographed at Avonmouth by the late Dick Parsons, probably in February 1969 She arrived at Hong Kong on 9.6.69 to be broken up
  3. Chyebassa

    CHYEBASSA 1942 7043 tgr British India Sn Nav At Calcutta 27-8-48
  4. BI, Chyebassa

    Japan - Arabian Gulf Service 1963 Twin Screw Doxford
  5. BI 'Chyebassa' 1963

    On the Japan - Arabian Gulf Service
  6. My first ship

    My sis and I on Father's ship Royal docks circa late '50s.
1-6 of 6 Results