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    Built: Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Govan. Yard: 661. Official number: 165916. Launched: June 8, 1937. Delivered: October 19, 1937. Tonnage: 11.137 GRT, 10.287 dwt. ...
  2. Maritime Family History Research
    Hello All, I'm new to this site but I found you guys when researching a label on a steel travel trunk that my Great Granny used when moving from Pakistan to the UK in around 1951. The label shows she travelled on the Circassia from Karachi to Liverpool. She would have travelled with her...
  3. Circassia


    Bow of ship being built in floating dock, with the area bike-park in foreground. DSME yard on Geoje Island, Korea
  5. Circassia

    A lively rendering of the ship from a Will's cigarette card
  6. Circassia

    Late 'deco' style in the Smoke Room of Anchor Line's Circassia
  7. Circassia

    Anchor Line Circassia. I was in BF Jason in Glasgow, when this ship ploughed into us amidships. Put us in drydock for six weeks.
  8. Circassia

    Anchor Line
1-8 of 9 Results