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  1. Cable Enterprise

    Cable Enterprise

    Cable Enterprise at Victoria BC, with CIRRUS II R.O.V. onboard. During a recent cable burial operation in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, Cirrus had become trapped underneath the cable and had to be abandoned. The 'Marlin' ROV on board cs Seaspread (based in Victoria) went down and cut Cirris free, and
  2. Cirrus


    Dutch weather ship CIRRUS, imo 6117459/ 92,63m/ twin screw/ 20kn; 06/05/1943 laid down as BRIDGETOWN for US Maritime Commission by Globe Shipbuilding Corp. Superior, Wisconsin; 21/08/1943 launched; 28/06/1949 renamed ABILENE; 28/10/1944 commissioned as USS ABILENE (PF-58), US Navy; 05/05/1947 CIRRUS
  3. unknown = Cirrus

    unknown = Cirrus

    CIRRUS 1944 1430 tgr Dutch weather ship B/as ABILENE Patrol Frigate S2-S2-AQ1 type at Globe SB-USA 44-BRIDGEPORT PF-58 U.S.Navy 47-CIRRUS B/up 1962 Dutch flag vessel berthed Rotterdam. From a slide with copyright.
  4. Cirrus


    At Hobarts Elizabeth south pier June 1969.