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  1. city of colombo

    at Montreal , discharging from CIP run , canada / india /pakistan , april 1976 ,
  2. city of colombo

    inwards thru ice on St Lawrence , 1976

    Canada 1970's employed on Ellerman's Uk-Canada service with Maple Leaf replacing normal Ellerman funnel colours. Jorgen Lonn negative
  4. City of Colombo

    engineers on City of Colombo at Kuwait ,jan 76
  5. City of Colombo

    City of Colombo at Kuwait , jan 76 , discharging oilfield cargo from Huston Texas,

    CITY OF COLOMBO - down bound the Welland Canal below Lock 3 in June of 1977 bound for Capetown via Las Palmas. She was completed in 1956 by Barclay, Curle & Co of Glasgow. 1977 - Benmhor. March of 1979 demolished at Kaohsiung.
  7. city of colombo

    waiting at Suez to transit the canal ,nov '75 ,having discharged up the lakes and loaded N.Y. , Philladelphia , Baltimore , Norfolk , ,Houston ,with a complete portakabin oil workers village ,and general for Kuwait , Bahrain ,Abadan , A break in routine from the normal Canada India run .
  8. City of Colombo

    City of Colombo from an Ellerman postcard, photographer unknown. May have belonged to a Captian Williams
1-8 of 8 Results