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  1. City of Coventry

    Seen in London's Royal Albert Dock, the City of Coventry was Tyne built by Swan Hunter at Wallsend in 1949. At 7,568 gr tons she was one of a popular businesslike class of steamers one of which was particularly retained for Sir John Ellerman's South African visits.
  2. City of Coventry at Napier

    Taken at Napier, c.1962, with those famous, unmistakeable cliffs of Bluff Hill. Apologies for poor quality of negative--too much adrenalin, cheap Brownie camera. City of Coventry Built: 1949 Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 7,568grt 1967: Sold to Austin Nav.Corp...
  3. Ellermans, City of Coventry officers

    City of coventry, officers, possibly 1960s. From a collection believed to have belonged to Captain Williams
  4. City of Coventry

    City of Coventry from an Ellerman postcard, photographer unknown. May have belonged to a Captian Williams
  5. City of Coventry

    The "City of Coventry" at Lyttelton.
  6. City of Coventry

    One of twelve sisters for Ellerman Group, "City of Coventry" was completed by Swan Hunter for Hall Line in 1949. In 1967 she was sold to Liberian owners and renamed "Ingrid", 1969 "Annie" and in 1970 was broken up in Taiwan.
1-6 of 6 Results