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    Ellerman Lines' 1971 built CITY OF HULL was sold to London Greeks in 1980 and renamed ST.JOHN under the ownership of Harry Hadjipateras and management of City Shipbrokers In 1982 she was sold to J.G.Carras and M.J. Psarros (Argonaut Agencies) of Piraeus and renamed SEAGULL In 1985 she was...
  2. City of Hull

    Here she is with the CCL Funnel - Voy 2 ?
  3. City of Hull

    Believe this was on her maiden oubound voyage May 1970 Antwerp/P.Gulf/Malaysia/Japan/WC-EC USA/St John NB. Whereafter took on the CCL colours/funnel on the old CIP run.
  4. City of Hull - 1970

    Gen´l cargo - combi.
  5. City of Hull

    CITY OF HULL 1947 8458 tgr Ellerman
  6. City of Hull

    The City of Hull at Birkenhead circa 1965.
  7. City of Hull

    City of Hull from an Ellermans postcard. Possibly from a Captain williams
  8. City of Hull

    Perhaps Ellerman Line's most elegant post WW2 design was that of the "City of Hull", of Ellerman Hall Line, seen here in Birkenhead. She was one of four in the 'City of London' class which appear to owe their ancestry to the pre-war 'City of Cape Town' design. Despite Ellerman's association...
1-8 of 8 Results