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  1. LEEDS

    Suez 6/1979 Note the wreck of the tanker to the left. Taken while on my way to Bristol on MV Tourcoing. Built as City of Lichfield for Ellerman 1978 sold and renamed Leeds 1980 renamed City of Leeds 1980 damaged and Abandoned by owners 1981 and sold at auction. 1983 arrived Aliaga...
  2. City Of Lichfield

    City Of Lichfield 4976 tons gross, Built by Wm. Denny Bros. Ltd, Dunbarton 1961. Owned by Ellerman Lines Ltd. Liverpool. Seen at Avonmouth 5 August 1963
  3. City of Lichfield

    I took this at Bristol/Avonmouth docks in 1964. Was the tug Primrose that owned by British Waterways built 1906..Steam in 1960 but rebuilt by 1964 ? Riddle solved here =

    ELLERMAN LINES BUILT 1961 GROSS 4,976 LENGTH 434 ft BREADTH 59 ft Speed 15 knots Sailing from Barry S/wales
1-4 of 4 Results