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    Owned by George Smith & Sons / City Line (Ellerman group), built 1907, scrapped 1946. For more info:
  2. City of London

    Tyne Class 47-001
  3. City of London

    Ellerman's handsome City of London is seen at Newcastle Quay c1973. Built 1970 by Charles Connell at Scotstoun she was 9,793 gr tons.
  4. City of London

    Remnants of once great fleets Ellerman's City of London and Clan Line Clan Macinnes lie in the Royal Albert Dock London in summer 1973.
  5. City of London

    Lafarge Tarmac Seen on Southampton Water on 14th May 2014
  6. City of London

    City of London, West Lock, River Mersey 6/6/1963. Any information is welcome. I bought this photo along with other shipping photos at a car boot sale, the above information is on the back of the photo along with what I presume is the photographers name....C A Appleton. Cheers Frank
  7. City of London

    Oil painting by Robert G Lloyd. (My Collection)
  8. City of London

    On the Thames

    The 1947 Swan Hunter built CITY OF LONDON was photographed passing Gravesend in 1965 by the late Alex Duncan Later: 1966 SANDRA N. Arrived Kaohsiung 30.12.68 to be broken up
  10. City of London

    ron Shaw ,second leckie / north shields on left , and myself , 1980, my last deep sea with city line , c/e at the time ,eric Pretty and captain norman Perry also on his final trip , uk /east africa / uk.
  11. city of london

    Laskar crew / Bombay deck serang ,left ,and three of his merry men ,
  12. city of london

    peter Gravestock,2nd engineer and myself ,on east african coast 1980.
  13. City of London

    one of three, built early 70s all different yards in uk , ' London built Charles Connells Clyde , before fuel costs were no drawback ,
  14. City of London, A.Weir

    City of London, chartered by A. Weir Shipping, with the Ellerman funnel, departing Auckland 14.12.2002. City of London Built: 1997 Tonnage: 23,734 Chartered to Andrew Weir Shipping, Ellerman colours 1998: CGM Caravelle 2001: City of London 2004: MOL Callao 2007: Tiger Breeze........
  15. City of London

    Sister to C/O´s Hull & Liverpool
  16. City of London

    CITY OF LONDON 1947 8437 tgr Ellerman Lines Taken from Empire Baltic at Tilbury Landing Stage. 1955
  17. City of London

    CITY OF LONDON 1980 16482 tgr Elder Dempster Ocean Fleet chartered to Ellerman b/as MENTOR 81 CITY OF LONDON - 82 MENTOR - 85 NORMANNIA - 86 ALS RELIANCE - 88 HOEGH NORMANIA - 89 RICKMERS HANGZHOU - 90 ST.NIKOLAS I - 92 DSR-SHANGHAI - 94 PALMAS - 94 DG ENDEAVOUR - 95 TAMATIKI Disposal...
  18. City of London

    CITY OF LONDON 1971 11500 tgr Ellerman changing pilot at Gravesend 16-6-78
  19. City of London

    City of London, built by Appledore Ship Builders, 1990, operated by United Marine Aggregates, seen on the Thames at Denton Wharf 14.03.2007
  20. City of London

    City of London, seen on the Thames 25.06.2006
1-20 of 21 Results