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    UK 1930's Jorgen Lonn negative Built 1935 for Ellerman Line 28/2/1942 torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-153
  2. City of Manchester

    City of Manchester from an Ellerman postcard, photographer unknown. May have belonged to a Captian Williams. I think it was this ship that was being towed from the Tyne back to J. L. Thompsons, Sunderland for completion after engine installation, when a tow line snapped and a tug sank with the...
  3. City of Manchester

    "City of Manchester" arriving at Calutta.
  4. City of Manchester

    "City of Manchester" surrounded by barges in, I think, Kidderpore Dock, Calcutta. Judging by the smoke rising from the barges luncheon is about to be served in the upper deck dining area and one of our stevedores appears to be ordering a take-away. Own ship was "Woodburn".
1-4 of 4 Results