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city of poona
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  1. City of Poona

    In the South China Sea off the Borneo Coast
  2. City of Poona

    City of Poona, 9962 grt. Built 1946. Seen sailing from Avonmouth 2 May 1962.
  3. City of Poona

    CITY OF POONA 1946 9962 tgr Ellerman
  4. City Of Poona

    City Of Poona 9962 tons gross, Built by Swan Hunter, Newcastle, 1946 for Ellerman Lines Ltd At Avonmouth 2 May 1962
  5. City of Poona

    City of Poona from an Ellerman postcard, photographer unknown. May have belonged to a Captian Williams.
  6. City of Poona

    See info on "BENARKLE" for this vessel.
1-6 of 6 Results