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city of sydney

  1. Mine clearance ship

    Mine clearance ship

    The German Sperrbrecher 9 (ex SS Lüneburg) seen here apparently in the port of Le Havre, going by the PAH on the cranes, photographed in the second half of 1940. A Sperrbrecher was usually a cargo ship, converted to destroy mines and to clear waterways for following convoys. They had to break throu
  2. City of Sydney

    City of Sydney

    Built in 1875 as a steamer by Roach, Chester, PA. Launched : Aug. 5, 1875 for the Pacific Mail Steamship Co., San Francisco. (3016 BRT) In 1918 are the engines removed and converted to a six-masted barquentine. (2903 BRT) She was abandoned somewhere in 1930. At that moment William Manual from ?? was